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Working from home has become the new normal. It has many advantages such as less travel time and more flexible working hours. On the other hand, it is also more difficult to keep work and private life separate or to create a good workplace. That is why we have listed a number of tips and essentials to set up a responsible workplace.

  1. Create a good lighting setup in your home office
  2. Improve your working posture
  3. Add an extra screen to your setup

#1 Create a good lighting setup in your home office

Hoe creëer je de ideale thuiswerkplek?

Light influences your mood, energy and concentration level. It helps to prevent fatigue and headaches and it has a positive effect on your productivity. Pay close attention to the lighting in your work space when setting up your desk.

Daylight is one of the most important light sources. The more daylight, the better. If your workplace still needs some extra light, we recommend adding a desktop lamp. 

Do you video call often or do you frequently give online presentations? Then it is also recommended to add a desktop lamp or a laptop video lamp to your home office. This looks professional and ensures that you are clearly visible. This helps to get your message and non-verbal communication across. View our range of laptop lights below.

#2 Improve your working posture

An ergonomic working posture is the foundation for great working results. It also prevents common health problems such as back and neck pain. To improve your posture, it is important to adjust your desk and chair correctly. In addition, it is also essential to position your laptop or screen at the correct height.

With a laptop stand you can adjust your laptop to the correct height. This will prevent you from putting pressure on your neck and back muscles. You can usually take a laptop holder wherever you go, like the WiWu S700, to instantly improve any work space. Perfect if you work remotely.

#3 Add an extra screen to your setup

Adding an extra screen to your home office has multiple benefits. It provides a better viewing experience and a better distribution of your tabs and windows. This gives you a better overview of your work.

It is very easy to connect a monitor as an extra screen. You can do this via a HDMI or USB-C cable. If you often work from different locations, it is also possible to use your tablet as a second screen. With a tablet holder you can place your tablet at the desired height and use it as an extra screen. Ideal during a video call, online presentation or at a remote workplace.


Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will now have a some guidelines to follow while setting up your home office. Do you have any questions about creating a home office or about certain home office products? Please reach out to us. We are happy to help you!

Take a look at our range of handy home working accessories for laptop, tablet or smartphone below.


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