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Your smartphone is indispensable while traveling. Finding the correct way to go, taking pictures and sharing your adventures with your family and friends: you will do it all from your smartphone. To get the most out of your smartphone, we have listed some accessories for you that are perfect for traveling to make your smartphone last longer and to create even more cooler content of your travels.

Power bank

Having a power bank with you, will prevent your phone from suddenly dying. As you will probably need your phone to find your way or stay in touch with others, it is essential that your battery will be charged at all times.smartphone accessoires voor op reis - powerbank

A light, small power bank such as the MOJOGEAR MINI EVO is therefore essential while traveling. You can always charge your devices, without having to bring a big, heavy power bank. This 10,000 mAh power bank delivers up to 22.5W of power and charges your smartphone about three times, depending on your phone.

Looking for a power bank with more power? Then the MOJOGEAR MINI XL 20,000 mAh EXTRA FAST power bank might be better for you. Due to the higher capacity, this power bank is however larger and heavier than the MINI EVO.

Mini tripod

If you want to shoot beautiful pictures and videos of your trip, a tripod is indispensable. However, many tripods are too large or heavy to take with you on a trip. A mini tripod is perfect to bring along while traveling due to its small size and weight.

It gives you many possibilities to create even better content. Besides, a mini tripod will make it easier to take pictures of yourself on your solo backpacking trip, shoot a time-lapse of the beautiful sunset or take a group photo with your entire travel company.

A flexible mini tripod is also useful when traveling. Thanks to the flexible legs, you can place this tripod anywhere: on a table, around a fence or around a branch.

Selfie stick

smartphone accessoires voor op reis - selfie stickA selfie stick is, of course, convenient for taking selfies. It however has many other benefits. You can also use some selfie sticks as a vlog tripod or monopod. With a slightly longer selfie stick you can take spectacular shots of your surroundings. Simply attach your phone to the selfie stick, fully unfold it and put it in the air while you are recording or taking pictures. You won’t even need a drone anymore!



Bluetooth remote

smartphone accessoires voor op reis - bluetooth remote

When you take a mini tripod or selfie stick on your trip, it might be useful to take a Bluetooth remote shutter. You can connect your phone to the remote control to take pictures from a distance, by just pressing a button. This is mainly convenient when you are taking group photos or using a selfie stick for example. Say goodbye to your self timer. Want to know more about the Bluetooth remote? Read our blog on how to use a Bluetooth remote or check out this video!


It is important to properly store and protect your equipment, accessories and other important belongings while traveling. You will not only prevent your equipment from unnecessary damage, but you will also make it less likely to lose it. An organizer is perfect to protect your belongings properly and pack them conveniently. Thanks to the many compartments, zippers and straps, you can organize your equipment and belongings. You can easily put the compact organizers in your backpack or suitcase and then you’re all prepared and ready to go.

Screen protector

During your holiday, backpacking trip or city trip you probably use your smartphone more intensively than usual. You will be on the move more often and use your smartphone to get around, find a cute restaurant or take pictures. The chances of damages or scratches on your phone will therefore be higher when traveling. Scratches on your screen can already occur when some sand gets into your bag or when your key rubs against your phone in your bag. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a screen protector to your phone before your travel journey begins.

Looking for a screen protector for your iPhone? Check out the MOJOGEAR Screen Protector for iPhone


Hopefully, these essentials and tips above will prepare your equipment while traveling. Have fun creating the coolest content on your trip. Any questions? We are happy to help!

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